Noni Juice

I have always felt that it is one of ACIM's greatest strength being a spirituality and a course that uses experience to help us build trust and faith while we work towards enlightenment. It isn't a spirituality that needed us to put in blind faith and wondering when God is going to answer our prayers. Since I started practicing true…read more

Love has Forgotten No One

Gary Renard's latest book "Love has Forgotten No One" will be available from 8 October 2013. From Amazon In this fascinating book, Gary R. Renard and his Ascended Master teachers, Arten and Pursah, guide you through a way of dissolving the illusions of time and space and returning to Reality, which is Perfect Love. This is not love in the way the…read more

The OK Person

Recently I learnt an important lesson from someone close to me. What happened was this. Whenever we go to a restaurant or movie, I would ask her if she likes the meal or the show. The answer I always get from her would be "it's okay". So out of frustration, I would question her "Why are your replies always okay?…read more

Completing ACIM Workbook

A Course in Miracles is interesting in so many ways, one of which is its 3-in-1 Textbook, Workbook and Manual for Teacher structure. The hefty Textbook outlines the Course's metaphysics and J repeats the same points over and over again to drill them into our ever-resisting mind. The Manual for Teacher is more like an appendix which clarifies various key…read more
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A Conversation with Ken Wapnick: Making it the Most Important Thing!

Susan Dugan continues her series of interviews with FACIM president Kenneth Wapnick. I recently sat down again to interview Ken Wapnick while attending a weeklong Academy class at the Foundation for a Course in Miracles in Temecula, California, in which Ken emphasized more clearly than ever the importance of looking at the ego’s guilty story of separation realized through the…read more
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The Disappearances of the Universe TV Series – Trailer

Co-produced by the author of Disappearances of the Universe, Gary Renard and TV veteran Elysia Skye, the upcoming TV series is based on the bestselling books by Gary Renard. Soon, we will be able to visualise the pages of Disappearances of the Universe and Your Immortal Reality, see how Arten and Pursah appear to Gary and their various interesting lessons.…read more

What is meant by “Ideas leave not their source”?

Q #610: Please explain "Ideas leave not their source." I'm having a hard time understanding it. A: A Course in Miracles twice refers to this principle as one of the basic or central thoughts in its teachings (W.pI.156.1:3; W.pI.167.3:6,7), so it’s good to understand it. It’s a foundational thought in understanding both the Atonement principle and the process of forgiveness.…read more

What Happens After Physical Death?

©2012, Margot Krikhaar (translated by Rogier Fentener van Vlissingen) The world is not left by death but by truth,… (T-3.VII.6:11) A Course in Miracles teaches that our physical existence is an illusion, and that we are not really in a body. Therefore, in reality nothing happens at all when the body dies. Within our dream existence, however, death is an…read more