2011 A Course in Miracles Conference in San Francisco

Listen, Learn and Do
February 25th – 27th, 2011
Holiday Inn Golden Gate
San Francisco, California USA


Marianne Williamson
A Center For Inner Peace — Sharon Sherrard
ACIM Gather — David Fishman & Regina Dawn Akers
Community Miracles Center — Rev. Tony Ponticello and Rev. Larry Bedini
Course In Miracles Society — Carmen Cameron & Tom Whitmore
Miracle Network — Ian Patrick
Miracles Magazine — Jon Mundy Ph.D.
MiraclesOne Foundation – Rev. Deborah and Rev. Paul Phelps
Pathways of Light – Rev. Mary and Rev. Robert Stoelting
DavidPaul & Candace Doyle
Lucia Espinosa & Dave Biemiller
Rev. Mary Gerard Lenihan
David Hoffmeister
Sandy Levey-Lunden
Linda Jean McNabb
D. Patrick Miller
Earl Purdy
Gary Renard
Pamela Silberman


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