ACIM Lessons on the Go

How do you remember your daily workbook lesson when you are on the go? Do you actually memorize it? Or bring the thick and heavy blue book around? Or do you tear a page out from it, or jot the lesson down on a piece of paper? How troublesome!

There are currently 3 ways to do it with your mobile phone, which you carry everywhere anyway:

  1. ACIM Kindle Edition

    Amazon Kindle – ACIM ebook You can install Amazon Kindle app if you have a smart mobile phone (iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry) and purchase the ebook (US$9.99) from Kindle store. You get exactly the same edition as the latest combined volume in paperback or hardcover.

    : Full copy of ACIM text, workbook, manual and supplements. You get the Kindle search ability, bookmarking and font size customization. You can also view in black or white background.
    : Not quite easy to find what you want through 20,234 e-pages. Most expensive option.

  2. Online lesson at

    Browse the ACIM daily lesson section on with your mobile phone browser (need an internet connection – wireless or 3G). Well, the daily lessons can be found on and you even get the audio reading if you have Adobe Flash player on your mobile phone (too bad for iPhones).

    : Free. Audio reading for those phones with Flash capability.
    : Need internet connection. Hard to browse on a small mobile phone screen. Audio reading does not work for iPhone.


    ACIM lessons on iPhone

    ACIM Lessons iPhone app

    If you have iPhone, you can get this app authorized by Foundation for Inner Peace, the A Course In Miracle‘s publisher. At US$3.99, it does quite the same thing as the kindle edition. My gripes are that there is only audio affirmations (requires internet) and not the whole reading of the lesson. The app also shows you a map of who are using the app around the world.

    : Easy to use. Audio affirmations (requires internet). Font size customization.
    : Only content is the workbook. No full audio reading of lesson.

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