FACIM March Seminar: Peace to Such Foolishness

• Jesus doesn’t see the body or form and so says, ‘Peace to such foolishness.’ We can do the same. How can we be upset by what doesn’t exist?

• Re anger: We were born angry. The world was made as an attack on God – we can’t help getting angry. Just don’t justify it.

• Guilt comes from a thought that never happened. It is the mind’s belief in guilt that is the problem.

• If I can be hurt, suffer, and die it proves I am right and God is wrong. (Refer: Workbook Lesson 190.5)

• There is no hope in this world. The Course is the only thing that gives hope because it tells us there is no world.

Read the full article at http://www.therememberedsong.com/facim-peace-to-such-foolishness.html

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