The Simplest Explanation of ACIM?

I think one of the simplest explanation of A Course in Miracles is summed up by this statement:

God is perfect and cannot possibly create anything imperfect.

If God is truly perfection, how could he create anything that is not perfect? If he did, then he wouldn’t be complete.

Yet our world is full of imperfections. Some would say if you look deeper, you will see the beauty. I used to buy that when I still believe in existential theories. However, everything in our “reality” eventually dies or decays. The only constant in this universe is change. Even a so-called saint will pass away one day. Our ever-glowing sun will too burn out one day far into the future. We just simply chose to overlook this aspect of impermanence and it is clearly not part of perfection.

Perfection can only mean eternity and constant. If it is not everlasting, how can something be perfect? If it can change, it would have lost its perfection.

Some theorizes that God wants to experience imperfection and splits himself into fragments to experience himself in this universe. But how can a perfect God know imperfection? If he does, he wouldn’t be perfect. One small tiny crack in the diamond is still a blemish. The diamond is no longer flawless. Besides, perfection means God is complete. What is that he doesn’t already know or lacking? Humans like to put God in their tiny shoes and apply their own characteristics to him. We tend to put a human face on God.

Another common human logic is that something must go in place of the new. If you take away something from me, there must be sacrifice or loss on my part. But God in his perfection extends himself. His infinite love extends to everyone and he does not take from anyone. What he gives, he extends and gives to everyone. Therefore, all true creations of God must also be perfect for God is incapable of creating imperfection. His limitless heaven extends infinitely. Whatever that is created by God lasts forever in complete oneness and unity. That includes us — the Son of God. We are perfect and complete in his image.

The German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche gave birth to the famous quote, “God is dead”. He is right because God is not found in this imperfect world. Thankfully, our world is not real and is only a dream by the Son of God who thinks he could be exiled outside of God’s perfect heaven. If not, God would have created pain, sufferings, murders and all the madness found in this world.

God is perfect and cannot possibly create anything imperfect.

It is this clearly unambiguous statement that first comes to my mind when I need a reminder why this world is an illusion.

It is also why the introduction of A Course in Miracles states:

This course can therefore be summed up very simply in this way:

Nothing real can be threatened.
Nothing unreal exists.

Herein lies the peace of God.


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