FACIM June Seminar Notes

Class notes from Ken Wapnick’s, June 9, 2012, workshop entitled: “Mute Testimony”: The Power of Healing.

“Mute Testimony”

– Our mind chooses to suffer so we can accuse other people.

– Look at the purpose of being sick as proving the body is real: I exist, God/ACIM is wrong.

– If you have never felt fear or terror in relation to this course, you are either very, very advanced, or in denial.


Class notes from the first two days of Ken Wapnick’s June 2012 workshop entitled: “Who is Unwelcome to the Kind at Heart?”

The Kind at Heart

– The goal is not to be ego-free. It’s to see what you’re doing (choosing ego), why you’re doing it (don’t want to go Home), and what it’s costing you (the peace of God).

– When someone wants to get involved with past lives they’re trying to trap you in a past that does not exist.

– Since we’re not directly in touch with mind we have to observe our reactions.

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