ACIM Audiobooks Now Available

The Foundation for Inner Peace is pleased to announce that ACIM audiobooks are now available on Audible, iTunes and Amazon. 

The three books of A Course in MiraclesText, Workbook for Students, Manual for Teachers and the Supplements: “Psychotherapy: Purpose, Process, Practice” and “Song of Prayer” are now available to download as separate audiobooks from Audible, iTunes and Amazon. The three books were narrated by Jim Stewart and the two Supplements by Brad Cahill. Jim Stewart is the voice of the Online Lessons that so many students enjoy listening to on our our website.Hundreds of devices, including iPods, mp3 players, mobile phones, Kindle, PDAs, GPS systems and more, are compatible with Audible audiobooks. Browse the Audible site to see if your device is listed:
You can also listen to the ACIM Audiobooks on your PC or MAC computer.      

Find the ACIM audiobooks:  

On search for the words: Course in Miracles, and then click on “Series: A Course in Miracles” to view all four ACIM Audiobooks. Or click here to go directly to the ACIM Audiobook Series.

On search for the words: Course in Miracles audible.

In the iTunes Store search for the words: Course in Miracles audiobooks.

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