A Conversation with Ken Wapnick: Just don’t justify it!

Author, ACIM teacher and student Susan Dugan recently did another interview with Kenneth Wapnick…

I recently sat down again to interview Ken Wapnick while attending a weeklong Academy class at the Foundation for a Course in Miracles in Temecula, California. I am still processing the deeply helpful and healing messages from the week in which Ken emphasized, among other great themes, the importance of shifting the purpose of the seemingly specific issues that appear to arise in our lives from strengthening the ego’s lie of separation realized to returning us to the decision-making mind and choosing to look with the teacher of gentle forgiveness. Asking ourselves from moment to moment whether siding with this feeling, judgment, thought will further the goal of healing our split mind or plunge us more deeply into the dream of exile from all-inclusive love. A no-brainer of a practice, really—pun intended!

In this conversation, Ken talks about the idea that we all carry imaginary “grab bags” filled with the problems, memories, and grievances we use to justify our belief that we exist separately but it’s not our fault. When the unconscious guilt in our mind over believing we pulled off the separation from God builds up, we deny responsibility for it by reaching into our grab bag for something to blame (project) it on. Forgiveness of what never was is really a process of learning to recognize we’re never upset because of what’s in our grab bag. We’re upset because we chose to side with the inner teacher of guilty separation over the inner teacher of innocent love.

Ken also talks here about the importance of learning to be patient with ourselves and trust that healing is happening, even when we’re not feeling a sense of peace. We should not underestimate the depth of our unconscious fear of returning to the mind, or our attraction to blaming outside circumstances for an inner condition. We should try to gently allow ourselves to be where we are in the process of undoing without judging or indulging ourselves. Simply watching how difficult we find it to refrain from completing the sentence “I’m upset because of ____________” with an external cause.

As always, I am deeply grateful for Ken’s clear, consistent, inspiring teaching, unwavering kindness, and enlightening presence.

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