The OK Person

Recently I learnt an important lesson from someone close to me.

What happened was this. Whenever we go to a restaurant or movie, I would ask her if she likes the meal or the show. The answer I always get from her would be “it’s okay”.

So out of frustration, I would question her “Why are your replies always okay? Can’t it be good or bad? It is like you are not answering my question at all.” In return, she will give me a shrug and ignore my need for a black or white answer.

After many occasions of asking her the same question and getting the same okay replies , I finally gave up. And once I surrendered, an epiphany occurred to me — she is actually teaching me an important lesson. Or maybe Holy Spirit is using it as a lesson. Anyway it doesn’t matter who.

Like the title of this blogzine, “A Passerby”, our aim as students of A Course in Miracles is to be as neutral as possible in our outlook on life. We must remember that our human life is an illusion and we should not become attached to the emotional extremes of excitements and disappointments. The objects of our desires are false idols which our ego uses to continue the separation and we believe will satisfy our eternal yearning . They always lead to disappointment because that is what they are meant to do

So, “okay” is exactly that. We are not tricked by the ego to attach great importance into something, like a great film or food. Likewise, we do not become disappointed with a bad meal or crappy movie. The right-minded part of our mind does not judge. Only the ego does.

I need to learn to be an okay person. The fringe benefit is also that I will not be at polar opposites with anyone else and hence resulting in more peaceful situations. That is definitely something very “okay” with me.

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