What Happens After Death of Body?

Q #604: If the ego invented the concept of afterlife, and nothing happens when the body dies, since it never lived, my question is: as long as I am not yet in the real world, hence identify with the self I think I am, what will be my experience after the “death” of my body?

A: When the body dies, the person you identify with as a body will no longer seem to exist. If the mind is not healed at that time, the thought of separation that identified with this body continues as a thought. Since the mind is not contained in the body, it does not change with the death of the body. It changes only when it chooses the Holy Spirit instead of the separation. It is this choice that eventually undoes the separation, and leads us to awaken from the dream of death where bodies seem to live and die. As long as the mind chooses to believe in the thought of separation, this thought, along with the guilt that inevitably accompanies it, will be projected out in some bodily form (physical, esoteric, energy, etc.). The result is the ongoing experience of the birth- death-rebirth cycle, until a different choice is made in the mind. The mind, therefore, is the place where the action is, and the only action is choosing.

While we remain asleep in the dream, our only purpose or goal, whether in the body or out of the body, is to learn to make another choice. Therefore, to answer your question more directly, your experience after the death of your body will be the same as it is now: learning to choose.

In A Course in Miracles, Jesus tells us we are always learning, because we are always teaching: “…to teach is to learn …teaching is a constant process; it goes on every moment of the day, and continues into sleeping thoughts as well” (M.in.1:5, 6). We may thus paraphrase “learning continues after the death of the body as well.” The important thing Jesus is teaching us is that we are not bodies, but minds with the power to choose.

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  1. Francis says:

    Please direct me to the places in ACIM where it states that if we do not choose correctly we will have the on-going experience of the brith-death-rebirth cycle. My understanding is that ACIM does not take a definitive position on reincarnation, although many if not the vast majority of students of ACIM are proponents of this thought system.

    Also, you do not answer the question by stating that learning continues after the body dies and what is experienced is “learning to choose.” The question, “what is our experience after the body dies?” also implies having made the choice, and the body dies, than what is our experience? Do we have consciousness and spirit identity as a personality, or do we merge with God and lose all identity of “S”elf? In other words does “I” cease to exist and along with it all aspects of relationships between personalities – the “conscious” sharing of love? If your answer is that we have no Self, no identity, where in ACIM does it explicitly express that teaching?

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