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I have always felt that it is one of ACIM’s greatest strength being a spirituality and a course that uses experience to help us build trust and faith while we work towards enlightenment. It isn’t a spirituality that needed us to put in blind faith and wondering when God is going to answer our prayers.

Since I started practicing true forgiveness as taught by ACIM and A&P (Arten and Pursah), I have experienced many miracles over the years. Miracles not as in Mother Mary statue shedding tears but things in my life that became better or got resolved when I remember to forgive or ask for Holy Spirit’s guidance.

Two very recent examples. One happened 2 days ago. I was upset when a work colleague suddenly wanted to change something and as a result, meant many changes on my side. After being upset for a while and making her guilty, I started to remember that it was all my projection. As Kenneth Wapnick said it, another trick in the ego’s bag to make me upset and identify with the body and separation further. So I did the forgiveness and let it go. The next day, she emailed back saying that she no longer need to make the changes and therefore I don’t have to do anything to accommodate her. Cool.

Two. Noni Juice.  Without giving too much of a spoiler here, there is a whole chapter on healing in Love Has Forgotten No One. To summarize it, A&P said we can have preferences and use magic while we appear to be here. It’s akin to us still having to eat and drink while we identify ourselves as a body. Of course, we still have to forgive ultimately. Anyhow, I am one of those bodies which has quite a bit of problem. Osteoarthritis, bowel problem, bladder problem, poor memory, sleeping problem, weight problem and well too many to list. So naturally, I am quite interested in some of the magic that A&P recommended. One of them (number 7 in their list, by the way) is Noni Juice. So I decided to do a bit of research and the internet suggests that it is good for arthritis, weight control, sleeping and bowel issues. I suppose there are more benefits but once I saw those, I am eager enough to try.

However, one bottle of Noni Juice costs 60 bucks (around US$50) in a local shop call Nature’s Farm. It is quite steep for me. By the way, I am not from US. As I walked to the shop, I thought of asking Holy Spirit to help me financially, remembering that the right-minded way to spend money is to spend it knowing that I will be provided for. When I reached the shop, it had just closed. But the cashier indicated to me that she will still accept my purchase. So I took a bottle and placed it on the counter. Then she asked me why don’t I take two bottles as there is a 30% discount for these few days. As you can probably guess, I took two bottles and paid $80 instead of $120.

So, I just gave two examples of how things got better, not in huge ways, but they did make a difference in my illusory life. That is when I remember to forgive or ask the Holy Spirit for guidance. There are many more such examples in my life over the past years. Therefore to me, ACIM is an experience. It works. Holy Spirit promises to be there for me and to my experience so far, it certainly has. It is not about blindly following some Law of Attraction wondering if I have applied it wrongly and why it doesn’t work for me.

Maybe the sharing of my experience will help others…

Maybe I will update again with my Noni Juice experience… By the way, it doesn’t taste that bad, even before refrigeration.

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