The 50 Miracle Principles of A Course in Miracles

I was rereading the 50 miracle principles in the first few pages of A Course in Miracles and it occurred to me that I do not fully understand the meaning of what was being written. I have this thought in my mind and then I was led to this excellent workshop by the best ACIM teacher, Kenneth Wapnick. It becomes so much clearer after reading the transcript of the workshop.

Kenneth Wapnick:

This is a combined transcript of two one-day workshops on the Fifty Miracle Principles, which were the first workshops I gave at our Teaching and Healing Center.* These workshops — on January 6 and 13, 1985 — basically consisted of the same subject matter. The basis for this pamphlet was the workshop of January 13, supplemented by material from the first workshop that was not repeated in the second. Some additional material was added to clarify certain points, as well as minor revisions made to improve readability. As explained during the workshop, the basic format involved my analyzing the Fifty Miracle Principles line by line. This procedure was interspersed with questions from the group, which allowed for further discussion of the principles and related ideas.

I am very grateful to my wife, Gloria, who prepared the initial editing of the manuscript by reviewing and correcting the transcript of the second workshop, comparing it to the tapes of the first one. This greatly facilitated the final editing of this pamphlet.

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