Road Rage

Orginally shared on Disappearance of the Universe Yahoo! Group by Alan Dolit

Road-Rage-iStockSeveral years ago while I was driving, the driver of the car behind me started beeping furiously. My first thought was that one of my brake lights was out, or else I had left the compartment door of the gas tank open. When I viewed her in the rear view mirror, I could see by her expression she was furious. She then pulled alongside of me and threw me the “finger” as well as calling me inappropriate names and telling me to do something that would be anatomically impossible for me to do.

She then drove past me barely missing the side of my car and pulled directly in front of my car. Had I not jammed on the brakes she would have clipped the left front fender. In fact, she barely made it back into the lane as a car was approaching from the oncoming lane. Then she stopped at the corner next to the curb and I pulled in right behind her.

I had no idea what I could have done to merit such a reaction from her and I felt an immediate sense of anger. She then started walking towards me. Fortunately, I regained my composure and asked Holy Spirit for help.

I could still see her coming but it was as if time stood still. I got an answer which said something like “Alan, she’s not really upset with you. You are innocent as is she. Take several deep breaths and when she gets here tell her that you can see that she is very upset and ask her in a polite way if she would like to share what she sees as the problem. Don’t let your ego get in the way. Be friendly and courteous, no matter how much she rants. And remember just listen!”

When she got to the car, I rolled down the window and let her rant for a while. “Don’t you know you cut me off back there” She called me several more names and finally ran out of steam. I said. “I truly apologize if I had cut you off. I can understand how you can be upset with me. Look there’s a MacDonald’s. Can I buy you a coffee to compensate?”

She had a young son with her and the three of us went into MacDonald’s. I bought her coffee and I bought her son a Happy meal. After we were there for about 10 minutes, she apologized profusely and started weeping. I wasn’t sure what to do. I was about to say something banal when I felt it was best not to say anything, but look on compassionately. “About an hour ago my husband left me and I don’t know what to do. I had to let off steam somehow and unfortunately you were the victim. I’m not even sure you cut me off.”

Without going into any more details, I listened to her for about twenty minutes longer and she brightened up and said. “Thanks so much for listening. You’ve been so helpful. I now know what I have to do. Thanks for the coffee and the happy meal for Jeff.” And she left. The funny thing is that I didn’t say a word. I just listened. Fortunately, I listened to Holy Spirit first.

Seriousness causes reincarnation; guilt is an acronym for Godless Useless Insane Loveless Thought; sin is an acronym for Self Inflicted Neurosis; ego is an acronym for Exponential Guilt Orchestrator. Ego is also the master Travel agent for guilt trips.

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