My Meeting With Ramana Maharshi

A Passerby’s note: Notice the similarities between what Ramana Maharshi and A Course in Miracles are saying? It is clear that Ramana Maharshi is an enlightened being.

She was a Hollywood screenwriter. He was the most revered sage in India. Here’s what happened when she visited him for three days.

By Mercedes De Acosta

ramana_mono_3Mercedes De Acosta was a Cuban-American screenwriter of the 1920s and 30s who was famous for her love affairs with Greta Garbow, Marlene Dietrich, Isadora Duncan, and a host of other beautiful celebrities.

“I can get any woman away from any man,” she liked to tell her friends.

In 1938 she traveled to Arunachala to meet Ramana Maharshi and stayed for three days. She later wrote in her autobiography that these were the three most significant days of her life.

In 1962 she sent Sri Ramana a copy of her autobiography, from which this article is excerpted, and inscribed it as follows:

To Bhagavan Ramana Marharshi, the only completely egoless, world-detached, and pure being I have ever known.

This is her account of what happened during her stay in Arunachala in 1938.

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