Gary Renard Announces 4th Book – The Lifetimes When Jesus and Buddha Knew Each Other

Announcement from Gary Renard

Hi friends –

I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited about one of my books (except Disappearance). Of course I love all of my books, but on November 14, just in time for the holidays, Hay House will publish my 4th book with Arten and Pursah: The Lifetimes When Jesus and Buddha Knew Each Other: A History of Mighty Companions. I’m giving you a sneak peek at the Table of Contents below. Yes, the release date is over six months away. Hay House has a lot of authors and it takes time to get your book published with them, but it’s worth it.

I always wanted to know, how did Jesus get to be Jesus? How did Buddha get to be Buddha? What were they like in the lifetimes just before they were Jesus and Buddha? This book answers those questions. Please spread the word about the book. You can wait until November 14, or you can pre-order the book at Amazon:

I’m so excited I’m standing here beside myself. I don’t know how anyone would want to do anything except the pure non-dualism of A Course in Miracles after reading this book! Arten and Pursah are just as uncompromising as ever, if not more so. And the material about the times Jesus and Buddha spent incarnations together and learned the same things is fascinating. Please tell everybody, twice!

I love you guys,
Mighty Companions



Author’s Note

A Course in Miracles: What It Teaches,

and Its Relevance to Jesus and Buddha


1. The Ladder to Enlightenment

2. From Shintoism to Lao-Tzu: Early Peak Experiences

3. A Time as Hindus

4. Plato and Friends

5. Siddhartha and His Son


6. The Final Times of J and Buddha

7. Gnosticism

8. J Channeled, 1965-1977: This Time the Truth

Will Not Be Buried

9. The Importance of the Mind

10. The Ladder Disappears


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  1. Anil says:

    Dear Passerby ! 🙂

    Many thanks for posting this. I’m excited !!… had been thinking of Gary’s 4th book which I heard about many years ago, wondering when it will be published. Am so excited for November 14th now.

    Yes, it’s all a dream…. but I’m still attached to the books and the learning/insights I get from them.

    And to think you published this post on April 21st…. glad I finally came across it today (July 17th). I really needed to have something to look forward to…. the Course leaves a big gaping hole (which normal life used to fill) and now I have no normal life, and just the big gaping hole 🙂 — (if that makes any sense ;))

    Cheers, and apologies for the ramble… thanks again.

  2. Cindy Langeluttig-Jewell says:

    I met you at the St. Louis retreat a little over a year ago and was just as impressed with you in person as I have been reading your books. I continue to read and practice ACIM, as each time I find that I understand it better. This fourth book coming out is so excitedly anticipated!!

    I hope to hear you speak again one day, and I’d love to meet Cindy, as well! Please keep writing!!! And THANK YOU.

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