Quick Review of All Peace No Pieces by Jackie Lora Jones

All Peace No Pieces by Jackie Lora Jones

Just finished reading the new book by Jackie Lora Jones, sister of Cindy Lora Renard. Talking about siblings, if you have siblings like me, you would realise that siblings are usually very different individuals with different personalities, attitude towards life and beliefs.

Nonetheless, there are times when siblings are just as talented in a certain aspect such as the Hollywood director Christopher Nolan (Batman trilogy, Inception, Dunkirk) and his brother Jonathan Nolan (Westworld). In the ego’s script, Jackie Lora Jones is just as spiritual as her sister and likewise a wonderful course teacher.

Her book starts with a profound quote from A Course in Miracles, “Wisdom is not judgement; it is the relinquishment of judgement”. I thought it is a very good reminder for myself and other course students to choose to see innocence instead of judgement.

Throughout the book, Jackie continues to share many excellent quotes from the Course and various people. And this perhaps sums up my observation of Jackie — she is great at nailing down the essence of A Course in Miracles. This is someone who truly understands the Course and teaches it well.

Apart from relevant quotes, Jackie also uses her own life examples to teach the application of the Course’s principles. We learnt how she is just like everyone else facing daily illusory problems, how she sees them with the Holy Spirit and how to overcome the ego.

Jackie is able to translate the Course principles so clearly with her easy to understand writings and examples. Beginners will find her explanations very helpful to understand the Course and the more advanced students will receive plenty of reminders and also perceive a different way of understanding certain Course principles.

To round up this short review, allow me to “quote” another quote from All Peace No Pieces.

“It’s quite simple to be happy, but difficult to be simple.”

— Robert Jackson

To learn more about Jackie and her book, you can visit her website at Jackie.news

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