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Hi everyone, this is just a quick review of Gary and Cindy Renard’s online classes after I signed up late in 2019.

I think the ego has been telling me that it is a bit too much money to sign up for. USD29.95 converted to my local currency is significantly higher and it’s recurring monthly. Hence, I had been putting off the idea of subscribing even though I get frequent nudgings from the Holy Spirit to do so.

Well, then what happened is I started suffering from insomnia after I shifted to a new home. I think it has more to do with work though, having changed to a new team and boss. I guess I need to keep reminding myself to forgive. But okay, that’s another topic for another day.

So just as I used Audible app to listen to the audiobook version of A Course in Miracles before I sleep, I thought it may be a good idea to start catching up with Gary and Cindy’s online classes since I couldn’t sleep. And perhaps it may help me to fall asleep more easily which turns out to be quite true. It is not that they are not engaging (just the opposite), I guess they calm and relax me which helps me to fall asleep more easily. On the other hand, while I know I can unsubscribe anytime later, I never doubt that Gary and Cindy would disappoint me.

And well, it has been a wonderful “trip” with Gary and Cindy after half a year of subscription and listening to them. Every cent is worth it! Now I only wish I had subscribed earlier because I have now too many classes to catch up on.

How Gary and Cindy organise each 2-hour online class is that they will take turns to speak about a pre-selected topic for 15 mins each. This will last for the first hour, and then they will be answering questions from the live Crowdcast audience for the remaining hour.

All the sessions since Gary and Cindy started teaching the online classes are available in Patreon’s archive. That goes way back to August 2018, so we can catch up with any class at our own time. That is usually how I listen to their online classes.

I just want to bring up a recent online class, which they addressed the current COVID-19 coronavirus situation in a timely fashion. Although I knew it is just another ego’s ruse to make bodies real all along, it really helps to hear from Gary and Cindy on this topic.

Unlike the mainstream media which often panders to the ego and promotes fear and panic, Gary and Cindy wasted no time in delving into how there is no hierarchy in illusions. The coronavirus situation is not any worse or better than any other situation that upsets us or makes us lose our peace. And of course, it all boils down to the application of true forgiveness. That’s our one sole task for salvation.

Another great benefit of these online classes is getting to hear my own questions asked by the other audience and having them answered by Gary and Cindy. By the way, although Gary is the more famous teacher due to his books, Cindy is totally his equal in terms of her understanding of ACIM and ability to teach it.

Personally, I really like the second hour of Q&A. The questions and answers really helped to clarify and reinforce the application of ACIM. After all, all our minds are joined and there is only one of us. So a question from another audience is really coming from us as well.

So my brothers and sisters… let’s not waste any more time. It is never too early to accelerate your enlightenment and quicken our path home to heaven.

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