From Loving One to One Love

I have just finished reading “From Loving One to One Love” by Dr Robert Rosenthal, co-president of Foundation for Inner Peace. It is a very well written book on applying the principles of A Course in Miracles and I would like to include a short excerpt from the book to share a useful forgiveness technique and at the same time, offer a look at what you can learn from the book:

If you and your level-three partner are both students of A Course in Miracles, there is another powerful tool at your disposal. Whenever you disagree and you each believe you are right, you can choose to ask the Holy Spirit for guidance together. How does this work? You each set aside everything you thought you knew about the problem and how to solve it. More importantly, you release all the judgments that you imposed on your partner. You remind yourself that you don’t really know much about anything, but that there is a Presence within both you and your partner that does know and that will gladly share Its wisdom if you ask.

Then sit together with your partner and frame the problem you are having in this way:

In order to be truly helpful, in this situation involving ________, what do I need to know?
What would You have me do?
What would You have us do?

Then close your eyes, quiet your mind, and simply listen. (If you’ve been practicing the Workbook lessons, you will be familiar with this process.) Turn the situation over to the Holy Spirit for help. You want His guidance, not your ego’s, and you welcome it even if it seems to go against what you thought was right. When you feel you’ve received an answer, ask if there’s anything more you should know. Then open your eyes, wait for your partner if necessary, and share what you’ve each learned.

This is a practice we have used at the Foundation for Inner Peace since its inception to request guidance for any major decision, especially if our opinions seem to differ. It works. The answers we receive are rarely identical; rather, they’re complementary. Each person gets an important piece of the solution in the form best suited to them. Some see images; others hear words. The guidance combines to form a picture more complete than any one individual would have been capable of.

By asking together, with wholly open minds, we join under the banner of a common cause: truth, peace, happiness. That’s our real goal, the outcome we seek together. The specifics don’t matter. This process transcends categories of right and wrong. It lifts us out of our separate ego identifications and unites us at the level of mind and spirit, which is our true reality. At this level, all of our seeming problems have been answered already. Miracles follow naturally.

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