ACIM Web Edition

Great news! The Foundation for Inner Peace has published the web edition of A Course in Miracles. I remember many years ago, I could not even find a copy in local bookstores, so this is really wonderful news and I believe this will help even more people get started with the Course.

A Course in Miracles Web Edition

Here’s the announcement:

Today, in an ever more connected world, we are thrilled to bring the Course to the most widely accessible medium there is. It is the exact same content as we were given to publish by the Scribes but in a far different form.

Read, share and listen to A Course in Miracles from any of your devices. Find your favorite quote in seconds and share it with your friends!

ACIM Web Edition was created for everyone – newcomers, long term students and teachers. It not only has new “bells and whistles,” but also an extensive search program that will have the ability to be used in many of our published languages in the future.

No installation needed! Instant access to the complete Course from your phone, tablet, laptop and desktop computer. 

Designed for easy reading and navigation.

Access the daily lesson with a single click or tap.

Convenient listening to the audio of the Workbook anywhere, including your phone.

To share the teachings of ACIM, you will find these features helpful:

Find the perfect quote in seconds: with the fastest and most comprehensive search of A Course in Miracles in publication!

Give your readers more context: once you copy a quote, the annotation gets automatically appended with a link back to the quote in the Course.

Use it in online study groups: share a link to any sentence or paragraph you are discussing, and everyone will be able to see it instantly in their browser, highlighted. Here’s the link:

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