I couldn’t sleep last night because I kept thinking about someone I am having issues with at work. I am having a very difficult forgiveness lesson with this person and still trying to find peace with this after 2 years despite my constant forgiveness practices. And when I can’t sleep, I like to listen to Gary Renard and Cindy Lora-Renard’s online classes. Here’s an excerpt from Gary during their Q&A session on 13 August 2021 that really resonate with me given my situation:

I want to talk about awareness for just a moment.

Why are we talking about forgiving people in the first place? Really? And remember what the course says. The full awareness of the atonement is that separation never occurred. It never happened.

So why are we forgiving people?

We are forgiving people because we never left heaven, we are still there. Which means that they are truly innocent.

Now I know it doesn’t look that way, but the truth is that everybody is innocent because we never left the kingdom of heaven and which is why the course says be vigilant only for God and his kingdom

And you got to remember that because that is more in harmony with the third step in forgiveness.

Yeah you got to stop yourself first of all. That is a pretty big deal. And then switch to the Holy Spirit, the holy instant. That is a pretty big deal. But then when you get to the third step, you’ve got to say to yourself you know what, I am not forgiving this person because they did anything. I am forgiving this person because this is my projection, this is my dream.

I made this whole damn thing up stupidly and I am willing to forgive myself by forgiving that other person because that person’s stupidity is my stupidity.

So you know you see somebody whom you don’t like and they say something that sounds stupid. Well, just remember that you are forgiving your own stupidity because the separation never occurred and what’s happening is that you are seeing something that isn’t there. You are seeing something that is not true.

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