True Prayer by Gary Renard

True Prayer is an audio track from Gary Renard’s audio CD/download Secrets of the Immortal. Arten and Pursah recommends that we practise the True Prayer meditation twice daily – in the morning when we wake up and in the evening before we sleep. The following is a transcript of the True Prayer version found in Secrets of the Immortal. It is slightly different from the YouTube video above.

So I would like you to close your eyes and relax
And I would like you to visualize a white light
And this white light is growing and surrounding you
It’s very pristine, very beautiful, perfect
It also feels kind of warm, kind of healing, kind of tingling, maybe orgasmic
It is surrounding you and very enticing
And now the light is everywhere
There is nowhere that this light is not
And the light is so healing and so inviting that we want to join with it, to disappear into it

But before we do, an altar appears
And on this altar, what we are going to do is to put all the things we think we need in order to be happy in this world
Those are our gifts to God
Because it tells him that we have no love before him
We have no false idols before him
All that we need is God’s love
We put all these things on the altar and the altar disappears into our source
And now we disappear into our source
The body actually disappears
And we become one with our source

And for just an instant there
We thought that maybe we are giving something up
But now in this new experience
We can see that we are not really giving anything up
We are being given everything
Because now instead of being limited
In that little speck of time and space
Now we are everywhere
We are everywhere God is and God is everywhere

And so we extend forever
And it is so joyous and so happy
It is a state of perfect oneness
Where everybody we ever love
And even every animal we ever love is there
Not as bodies but in this awareness of perfect oneness
There is nobody left out
Because by definition, nothing can be left out of perfect oneness
And there can be no scarcity in perfect oneness
So we have everything and it feels wonderful
And we get lost in our source and join with God in a state of gratitude

God we love you
We thank you for creating us to be exactly the same as you
There is no difference
Thank you for taking care of us
Thank you for providing for us
And giving us everything
There can be no lack when we have everything
So now we get lost in your love and join with you
In perfect oneness and in a state of gratitude
We extend forever with you God
We love you

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