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New Year Resolutions

Excerpt From: Kenneth Wapnick. “Healing the Unhealed Mind.” Q: In my profession of computers, in the world of illusion where everybody is very serious about their problems, I go into a serious situation and tend to walk in whistling that everything is okay because it is all an illusion. I still do my job and fix the problem, but underneath…read more

What is meant by “Ideas leave not their source”?

Q #610: Please explain "Ideas leave not their source." I'm having a hard time understanding it. A: A Course in Miracles twice refers to this principle as one of the basic or central thoughts in its teachings (W.pI.156.1:3; W.pI.167.3:6,7), so it’s good to understand it. It’s a foundational thought in understanding both the Atonement principle and the process of forgiveness.…read more

How to Stop Running Away from Family Conflicts

This is a profound issue affecting everyone. Taken from http://www.facimoutreach.org/qa/questions/questions17.htm#Q79 Question #79: The relationship I have with my 5 siblings is, for the most part, one of special hate. Our conflicts have been escalating around the care of my mom and the dispersal of her property. I find it easiest simply to disassociate myself from the family and the conflict. This…read more