The Story of A Course in Miracles

The original documentary on how the Course was given to Helen Schucman and Bill Thetford. Get to see extensive interviews of key people behind A Course in Miracles such as Bill Thetford, Judy Skutch and (a very young-looking) Kenneth Wapnick. The documentary also explains how Helen Schucman overcame her doubts to become one of the clearest channels. Reading about how…read more

Completing ACIM Workbook

A Course in Miracles is interesting in so many ways, one of which is its 3-in-1 Textbook, Workbook and Manual for Teacher structure. The hefty Textbook outlines the Course's metaphysics and J repeats the same points over and over again to drill them into our ever-resisting mind. The Manual for Teacher is more like an appendix which clarifies various key…read more

ACIM Audiobooks Now Available

The Foundation for Inner Peace is pleased to announce that ACIM audiobooks are now available on Audible, iTunes and Amazon.  The three books of A Course in Miracles: Text, Workbook for Students, Manual for Teachers and the Supplements: "Psychotherapy: Purpose, Process, Practice" and "Song of Prayer" are now available to download as separate audiobooks from Audible, iTunes and Amazon. The three books were…read more
Articles, Recommended

The Unhealed Healer

T-9.V.1. The ego's plan for forgiveness is far more widely used than God's. 2 This is because it is undertaken by unhealed healers, and is therefore of the ego. 3 Let us consider the unhealed healer more carefully now. 4 By definition, he is trying to give what he has not received. 5 If an unhealed healer is a theologian,…read more

The Simplest Explanation of ACIM?

I think one of the simplest explanation of A Course in Miracles is summed up by this statement: God is perfect and cannot possibly create anything imperfect. If God is truly perfection, how could he create anything that is not perfect? If he did, then he wouldn't be complete. Yet our world is full of imperfections. Some would say if…read more

Our Most Difficult Classroom

My most difficult lesson in this lifetime is dealing with my father. My ego's script wrote him as a hot-tempered, dominating, bragging and irresponsible bigot who happens to have gambling problems. When I was still in New Age spirituality, I tried to see that we are souls who have chosen this difficult lesson and incarnate to resolve our issues. It…read more